Welcome to "Things to do Morocco" platform where we redefine travel, our service will provide you with transportation and guidance throughout your trip to Morocco, out type of tours are for all type of budgets travelers (economic, comfort, luxury or VIP), we will help you discover the country and its most wonderful and special places, the north of the country or you live a real experience on the beaches of Tangier, Discover Chefchaoun The Blue Pearl to the Atlas Mountains and its vast forests passing through Meknes or Fez the city of 12 Centuries and the cultural and spiritual capital of Morocco then the south of the country in the infamous city of Marrakech and the Moroccan desert with its golden sands Merzouga Desert, Zagora Desert or Erg Chigaga Desert, our goal will be to show you the invisible sides of the country, join us and let us discover the travel to Morocco like never before. We choose the best partners in matter of accommodations, camps, activity providers etc.. to make your experience memorable and unforgettable. Our team is made of destination experts who accumulated through the year a huge experience in travel designing and travel industry, designing private, shared or hybrid (private & shared) tour.

  • FRT (First response time): our destination experts response FRT is less than 5 minutes, because of our availability on whatsapp to make communication instant and easy, or by emails
  • No Robots or Automated templates: To respond all your requests, it's our destination experts that are in charge of communicating with every traveller
  • NPS (Net promoter Score): Our travelers always talk about their experiences to their family and friends and we finish by having other travelers coming to us through recommendations
  • Communication: Clear and easy-to understand way of advising and explaining everything related to our travel experiences
  • Patience: We take as much time as needed, to make everything clear or to resolve any kind of situation during your trip
  • Knowledge: Mastery & Profesioncy of every destination sold on our platform, we do a visit each month to our partners accommodations and activities to test the quality and also know more about the products
  • - All places and activities are carefully picked by us
  • - Best price guarantee & Hassle free!
  • - We are known for our quality services
  • - The satisfaction of our clients is the ultimate goal

We have possibility of customized services or pre-designed tours, you have the choice. We are committed to provide authentic and unforgettable experiences and addition to leading the experiential travel movement in Morocco We can provide a full luxury package from the airport to your Hotel, Riad or wherever you want. Our Travel experience starts from Marrakech, Fez, Casablanca, Tangier & Ouarzazate or departing from anywhere in Morocco.


MOROCCO PRIVATE TOURS This luxurious package is based on a premium service including, luxury type of cars (4WD, 7 seats Minivan or 17 seats Minibus), Luxury desert camps or Hotel/Riad in Morocco. We are pleased to show you the Moroccan hospitality at its best and invite you to explore Morocco tours and have a memorable Morocco experience through our luxury activities and private services. By using This type of tours, you will be able to build a trusty relationship with our Destination experts team work who do their bests to make sure that everything is going well during the journey. SHARED GROUP TOURS This type of tours starts only from Marrakech city and is generally an Atlas mountains tour, Merzouga desert tour to Fes or Merzouga desert tour returning to Marrakech. This type of tour would be almost same as the private tour, but with a group of 8 or 17 person in total, this makes the cost cheaper and will give you the opportunity to meet more people from other countries and cultures. HYBRID TOURS (Mix between Shared & Private tours): We are few to provide this type of services, it includes in some parts of Morocco a shared group tour to make the costs lower and price cheaper for our travelers then switch to a private transportation, specially on the destinations where there is much to see, we sometimes use for you public transportation like trains and buses in premium class if needed.